Frustrated by high rent and the inevitable hikes every year?

Then you are right where you need to be!

FairRent is a place where you can safely and securely enter your lease details and compare your rent to others living in your building and, for the first time, create some transparency and leverage for you and other renters alike.

Compare Your Rent

By safely and securely sharing your rent details you can better gauge if your rent is fair compared to what others in your building are actually paying.

Know The Trends

See how much rents have historically increased in your building and get notified of changes in real-time.

Estimate Your Increase

As your lease comes up for renewal let FairRent estimate what you should be paying based on the current trends within your building and get some leverage over your landlord.

Rent Smarter

Rent data today is never reliable as it comes from brokers and landlords. We want you to use real data so you can compare your rent to what others living in your building are actually paying currently.

And, as the inevitable rent increases come around, FairRent will track what our members are being asked to pay and what they have been able to negotiate with their landlords, creating a real-time update on the rent trend within your building.

Is your lease coming up for renewal? Use FairRent to discover what your rent should be as we base our data on what others living in your building are paying and thereby provide the leverage you need to better negotiate with your landlord.

By sharing our information we'll all get some leverage over landlords where none currently exists.

Did you know that New York City tenants cannot be evicted by their landlords as long as they pay their rent on time

Everyone Wins!

100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not entirely happy with our services at any point, we will refund your payment, no questions asked.

One Time. One Report.

  • Want to know if your rent is fair?
  • Enter your lease details.
  • And for a one time fee see how your rent compares to others.

One Year. Monthly Updates.

  • Like to keep your finger on the pulse?
  • Enter your lease details.
  • And with your annual subscription you'll know the rent trend throughout the year.

The Most Important Bonus

As a Benefit Corporation our mission is to donate a minimum of 10% of our proceeds from running FairRent to undertake "acts of kindness" on your behalf in the communities we serve, helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

In New York City we are proud to have Urban Pathways as our beneficiary charity and to partner with them to further their mission.

Urban Pathways has been helping the homeless in the communities we live in, right here in New York, for over 40 years. In the past year alone over 3,000 people are now off the streets and have a roof over their head, the support they need to get back on their feet and connections with employers in the community thanks to their work.

What people are saying about FairRent:

FairRent is single-handedly democratizing the rental market. Craig Masters, NYC Renter

I had no idea my annual rent increases were so much higher than my neighbors'. FairRent has given me the ammo I need to negotiate with my landlord next year! Amanda Sung, NYC Renter

I love the idea that we the renters get some power back in the rental market. FairRent is awesome. Fabs Martins, NYC Renter

Wow, FairRent just helped me save $350 a month in rent. Thank you! Kerry Clark, NYC Renter


Will FairRent disclose the information I share?

No, never. Everything you share with us is done safely and securely. We will only ever share aggregate data.

Will FairRent share my email address?

No, never. We don't make money by selling your information. It is against our philosophy and mission as a Benefit Corporation.

Are you going to spam me?

No, never. We will only send you email that you ask for.

Still concerned or have questions?

Drop us an email at, or give us a call on (877) 868–8905.