Our Story

I started FairRent because I was frustrated facing another rent increase with no idea if it was fair or how it compared to what others living in my building were paying. I felt helpless. I felt I was being taken advantage of.

Should I move? Would it be better anyplace else? It seemed that the landlords had all the information, all the power and I had none.

I wondered how could I shift the balance of power…what if there was someway I could have access to the same information as my landlord?

Alone I knew I couldn't, but together I know we can. That's why I created FairRent.

FairRent is a place where you can safely and securely enter your lease details and finally answer the question: "is my rent fair?", by comparing it to what others are actually paying in YOUR building right now.

For the first time we can create some transparency where none exists. We might not be able to stop rent from going up in New York City, but we sure as hell can find out if what we are being asked to pay is fair.

Acts of Kindness

FairRent is a platform, powered by the people, for the people, helping people. From day one I wanted FairRent to be able to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Whilst ever increasing rents are no fun, we are still very lucky living where we do. There are others who are not so lucky and through FairRent you will be promoting "acts of kindness" within the communities you live.

Through our partnerships with local charities we donate a minimum of 10% of our proceeds to help those in need in the communities we serve. FairRent — By the people. For the people. Helping people.

Together we can make a difference in the world!

Keiron McCammon, Founder, Fair Rent, Inc.


Will FairRent disclose the information I share?

No, never. Everything you share with us is done safely and securely. We will only ever share aggregate data.

Will FairRent share my email address?

No, never. We don't make money by selling your information. It is against our philosophy and mission as a Benefit Corporation.

Are you going to spam me?

No, never. We will only send you email that you ask for.

Still concerned or have questions?

Drop us an email at info@fairrent.com, or give us a call on (877) 868–8905.